What Makes Us Different

"I was delighted with the design services our salesperson gave to us." - Barbara Lackey

Keith Zars Pools is dedicated to designing and constructing breathtaking custom pools and spas that transform each customer's backyard into their own personal retreat. We are committed to total customer satisfaction, not only with the end result, but with every step of the design and construction process

Our full-time registered landscape architects design pools that are not only beautiful but functional as well.
Integrating your pool into the overall landscape is a critical -- but often overlooked -- part of the pool design process. We have three registered Landscape Architects on staff who will integrate your pool seamlessly with its natural surroundings. By having our own landscape architects involved with every pool we create, we can achieve a design level that is beyond compare.
Our construction superintendents provide personal attention and easy accessibility through our unique "territory" arrangement.
Each of our project superintendents is assigned to a defined segment of San Antonio. As a result, they are always accessible to their customers in that area. Because they work in a specific part of town each day, they know the topography and terrain, they know the inspectors working there and they know their customers in the area. If a customer needs to reach their superintendent, he's usually in the neighborhood.
Our dedicated and experienced team of employees is committed to giving our customers their very best.
One of the most crucial elements that sets Keith Zars apart from other pool companies is our dedicated and talented team of employees. These skilled and experienced craftsmen take pride in what they do -- and this pride is obvious in the end results. Many of our over 300 employees have been with our company over 20 years. In fact, the average employee has been with Keith Zars for nine years. This employee longevity provides significant added value to our customers in terms of industry experience, quality assurance and customer service.
Our technical expertise is second to none
When you build as many pools in a year as we do, you learn a lot about the processes involved. Our technical expertise enables us to continually enhance the product we provide to our customers. What's more, the size of our company allows us to work directly with our pool equipment manufacturers. As a result of these ongoing relationships, we are on the front line of technological innovations and enhancements to the pool equipment and materials we use.
We use state-of-the-art construction techniques and materials so that your pool will last a lifetime.
Keith Zars Pools goes far beyond industry standards in our construction techniques and choice of materials. Our pools are constructed using the cantilever structural process, rather than the conventional beam process. Although it is much more labor-intensive, the cantilever technique prevents the pool and surrounding decking from separating over time. We also dig our residential pools to a commercial depth and run our plumbing underneath our pools, rather than around them, which enhances the water flow.
Our Outdoor Living Idea Center showcases pool designs and materials to fuel your imagination.
When customers visit our Outdoor Living Idea Center, they experience firsthand the full range of design possibilities that Keith Zars Pools provides. Here, customers can choose from an extensive selection of beautiful tile, stone and pool finishes. We invite you to come by and see Texas' largest outdoor gunite swimming pool display with multiple pools and outdoor summer kitchens each with its own distinctive style. Our Idea Center will provide inspiration and creativity to your pool planning process.
The Keith Zars Pools personal touch provides the best customer service.
Most of all, what sets us apart is the hands-on personal attention we give to each and every customer. World-class customer care is more than a philosophy -- at Keith Zars Pools it's a mental attitude and code of conduct. Everyone on our team, from the designers and project supervisors to the excavators and plumbers, takes pride in providing prompt, responsive and attentive customer service to each and every customer.
We have the financial strength to stand behind every pool we build.
You can have peace of mind knowing that Keith Zars Pools is a financially sound company that is consistently ranked in the top five percent of all companies in Dunn & Bradstreet's database. You can rest assured that your pool will be completed to your satisfaction.