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Pool Safety for Dogs

News July 10, 2018

In Texas, we know summertime is synonymous for pool days.  Safety is always a must when playing in the pool, for humans and pets alike!  To ensure a worry-free time, Keith Zars Pools recommends following these safety tips.

Make sure your dog knows how to swim. Not all dogs are good swimmers, despite their breed, and may drown if left unsupervised.  Enlist the help of a dog trainer to teach your pooch swimming basics and ease their fear of water. Life vests and life jackets are perfect for the dog that may never be a great swimmer. They provide extra buoyancy so that your dog can stay afloat and remain highly visible. Just don’t rely on the life vest so much that you leave your dog unattended.

Spend time acclimating your pet to the pool exits. There needs to be an easy exit for when they are done swimming or if they accidently fall in. When designing your pool, keep in mind beach entries, sunshelfs, and steps are great places to exit. We also recommend adding a skamper ramp for smaller animals or wild critters like frogs, who may wander in on their own.

For extra peace of mind, learn how to properly administer pet CPR. This is a vital tool should your pet accidently drown.

The pool sounds like a great place for animals to cool off, but remember doggies play hard and will exhaust themselves. They need to stay hydrated and take regular breaks in the shade. Be sure to provide plenty of H20 from a clean source – don’t let them drink the pool water as it contains chlorine and chemicals.

Practice smart pool safety by adding a barrier or enclosure to your pool. This is a great option for animals that spend a lot of his or her time in the backyard. Fences, covers, and netting are a great first line of defense.

Even if you follow all these safety tips, like a child, never leave your dog unsupervised. Your pup could get tired, swallow some water, or other pool hazards may occur and need their human lifeguard (you) to save them. Prior to your day in the pool, confirm with your veterinarian if your dog is healthy enough to swim.