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Build Your Dream Pool

Ideas for Beautiful Swimming Pool Design

Blog April 12, 2018

The decision to add a pool to your backyard is beneficial for enjoyment and can increase the value of your home. There are many aspects that go into pool designs, but knowing what major components to consider and which industry experts to contact can help you successfully design your dream pool and make your pool construction process fun and exciting.


Pool Design San Antonio

Custom geometric pool with spa, bubbler and water fountains

Pool Size and Purpose

One important decision to make when designing a pool is its size and purpose. When choosing the size of your pool, there are several things to consider. How much space do you have to work with? How many people does the pool need to accommodate? The space where you are placing your pool should always be your first consideration when choosing your pool size. Existing landscapes, grades, terrain and accessibility can affect your pool’s size, shape and location. Now, ask yourself about the purpose of your pool. Will your pool be used for diving, lounging, exercise, swimming, therapy, sports or a combination of any of these? The design of your pool depends on answering these questions.

Pool Builders San Antonio

Straight line pool with waterfall and all-glass tile infinity spa

Pool Design

Your pool is the main attraction in your backyard, so choosing the right pool design is important! A major factor when designing your pool is ensuring your pool blends well with the natural surroundings of your property. Take into account your home and yard’s architectural design—natural shading and shadows that occur in your yard, landscaping (such as your existing trees and plants) and the easement of your property. Do you want to preserve certain trees in your yard and build your pool around them? Do you have any easement restrictions that require HOA approval? Accessibility is another factor. If you have a modern-looking home you’ll likely want a modern geometric or straight line pool. If you have a more rustic-looking home, you may want a pool that has a freeform shape and looks more natural. Try to choose a pool design that will complement your outdoor area in a way that fits naturally. A design that will blend with and enhance your existing outdoor environment is paramount. Ask the experts to help you design your pool based on your wants and needs that take into consideration any obstacles that may need to be overcome.

Pool Builders San Antonio

All-glass tile pool with waterfall and spa

Special Pool Features

Once you’ve figured out the purpose, size, shape and design of your pool, you should begin to think about extra features and details you may want to incorporate. Different features you can add to your pool are spas, waterfalls, sun shelves, grottos, scuppers, bubblers, spillovers, weeping walls, fire elements, garden structures, waterslides, a basketball goal or an outdoor kitchen. All of these options can enhance the overall look and function for your backyard and make your pool unique. Keith Zars Pools offers customers these various ways to customize their pools. Another feature to consider is your pool finish. LX Glass and Pebble Tec are high-end and innovative pool finishes that will beautify your pool. You can also select from a wide range of tile, including glass, ceramic and natural stone. You also have options for your pool’s coping or edging finishes. Planning ahead is essential for ensuring that your pool design will be able to accommodate any features you might want.

Pool Design San Antonio

Custom pool with waterslide, basketball goal and slab stone waterfall


The decision to build and design a pool is an exciting one. At Keith Zars Pools in San Antonio we would love to help you bring your dream pool to life! Click on the following link to find out more about your pool design options or to schedule an appointment to speak with a pool expert: