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5 Tips for Pool Renovation

Blog March 23, 2018

Summer is approaching fast, so it’s about time to start looking at your pool to see if there are any updates that need to be made or if you have components that you want to add. After all, just like your home, your swimming pool needs attention and maintenance, and a renovation may be your next area of focus!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when thinking about renovating your pool.

    • 1. Purpose.
      Sooner or later, swimming pools will require varying updates, repairs and restoration. Figuring out what type of work your pool needs is the first important step in considering a renovation. Some common reasons to renovate include:

      • Worn down parts and materials.
      • A need for products or systems that require less maintenance and create more energy efficiency.
      • The pool design does not meet your needs—you have moved into a home with an existing pool that does not suit you, or your current pool may need to adapt to fit changing circumstances.
      • Your pool simply could use a facelift; some added features to revive your pool and create more aesthetic appeal and a fresh new look.


    • 2. Timing.
      Once you have established the type of renovations you want, it is well worth considering the timing of your pool renovation project. Although renovations can be done throughout the entire year, having more time for this type of project can be ideal, but there are a few items to consider. Do you want your pool ready by summer? If so, starting your renovation project during the fall or winter season may be the best time for you. Also, keep in mind that different renovation projects require different amounts of time to complete. This can affect your decision on when to begin your renovation. Cost is another factor. Can your pool afford to wait for a renovation? If your pool has equipment issues or damaged materials, a speedier renovation start time might be more cost effective for you long-term.


    • 3. Features.
      There are a variety of features, both aesthetic and restorative, that can go into a pool update. Be sure to find a company that can include the additions or changes you’re seeking. An exceptional service provider will have a wide array of options and elementsfrom which to choose.

      1. Water features can revive a tired, boring pool. Consider waterfalls, weeping walls, scuppers, spillovers and sheer descents to add beauty and life to your pool.
      2. Updating or repairing your tile, coping and decking can serve aesthetic and restorative purposes. Not only can you create a fresh new look, but your pool area will be safer and prevent further damage and more costly replacements down the road. Pebble Tec is a great new way to give a lackluster pool a face lift. This product can be used to line the pool and create a wonderful sheen and added luminosity to the water. Only certain companies are licensed Pebble Tec Applicators, so check to see which renovators near you have access to it.
      3. If you have been dreaming about adding a spa to your pool, it can be a great renovation project. Spas are perfect for lounging and relaxing, and certain companies can include special features to make your spa experience more therapeutic, rejuvenating and enjoyable.
      4. If you have an existing spa that you don’t like, or don’t believe you use it enough to warrant keeping it and maintaining it, your spa can be removed and turned into a sun shelf with a bubbler.


    • 4. Maintenance Reduction & Efficiency.
      After your home, your swimming pool is likely to be your second largest financial and long-term investment. Reducing maintenance and increasing the efficiency of your pool can be paramount because it can save you a considerable amount of time, money and energy over the years and make your pool experience more leisurely and enjoyable. There are a variety of different pool features available to replace or upgrade your current products to help achieve maximum efficiency and decreased maintenance. For a renovation project, one of the items to consider is LED lights, which are more energy efficient and last longer than standard lights. New pool equipment, such as 2-speed or variable speed pumps, a new heater or a new filter can make a huge difference in the amount of time and money you save. Variable speed pumps are quieter and can save you up to 90% on energy costs. A new pool and spa heater can be easily installed and maximize thermal efficiency. A new filter, such as the Jandy Pro Series DE filter, will create balanced water flow and optimal debris removal. This particular filter is constructed of corrosion-resistant, durable materials for long-lasting performance. You can also look into intelligent pool control, such as the iAquaLink, which allows you to control your pool anytime from anywhere. A piece of technology like this is a simple form of pool renovation that can save you time and put your mind at ease.


  • 5. Find the Right Company.
    One of the most crucial tips for pool renovation is finding a company that offers outstanding service and focuses on creating quality products. While a renovation might be exciting and can look gorgeous, you want to make sure the renovator you choose will be there to help, should anything go wrong with the pool. Keep in mind that some businesses will attempt to get a renovation done quickly and skimp on the quality of the work. A great company knows the customer’s timeline, can work efficiently and still create a top-notch renovation. Whether you want an upgrade or a new installation, find a trusted company that does it all. Many pool builders outsource part of their work or their supplies, leading to inconsistency and potential project delays. The companies that can truly focus on quality product and service will have an in-house renovations department. And having an experienced in-house team will ensure that your finished product is one that uses the best supplies and renovation methods. Keith Zars Pools has provided excellent service to those in San Antonio and surrounding areas for more than 30 years. We specialize in pool installations, designs, remodeling, renovations, and maintenance. We take pride in providing first-rate customer service and promise we will be there to answer any questions you may have regarding your pool. If you are interested in a renovation, contact Keith Zars Pools today at 210-494-0800 or visit our website to learn more about the services we provide!