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Zoorassic Park at San Antonio Zoo

Blog August 3, 2018

The San Antonio Zoo has continued to be a family favorite excursion since it opened in 1956.  The nonprofit organization has consistently brought people one step closer to understanding the brilliant relationships between animals and humans.  In years past, the San Antonio Zoo has donated dozens if not hundreds of family ticket packs for those in need, ensuring that anyone can educate themselves on the wonders of the world.  From lions to otters, each animal captivates the hearts of the zoo’s numerous visitors.  Its biodiversity is world renown and is home to the Hixon Bird House, one of the largest bird exhibits in the world.  Other exhibits include Amazonia, Rift Valley, and the Richard Friedrich Aquarium, all of which offer multiple fun filled engagements with animals.

Zoorassic Park

Spreading their horizons into the past, the San Antonio Zoo is even hosting their own Zoorassic Park open now until August 26.  The park brings you face to face with dozens of animated prehistoric dinosaurs scattered throughout the park.  You can look into the eyes of the ferocious T-Rex or marvel at the size of the stegosaurus.  Future paleontologists can even get a head start on their career with two interactive excavation sites.  You would be dinosaur if you didn’t stop by for a quick bite with jurassic themed food scattered around the park.

The Spinosaurus

At Keith Zars Pools, we were granted the opportunity to sponsor our very own dinosaur: the Spinosaurus.  Literally translated to spine lizard, the 93 million year old Spinosaurus had a giant sail like spine on its back with an average length of 5 feet.  The colossal predator was nearly as large if not larger than the T-Rex, scaling in at 14 feet tall and 59 feet long.  By sponsoring one of the most fearsome predators of the Cretaceous period, we hope to continue the Zoo’s educational and stimulating reputation.  The Spinosaurus may have something to say to you, so listen closely to him RAWR!

Swing by the San Antonio Zoo and experience the Zoorassic Park before it goes extinct!