Customer Referral Program

Build Your Dream Pool

We at Keith Zars Pools would like to thank you for your patronage and reward you for referring customers to us.

When a person you refer builds a pool with Keith Zars Pools, you will receive:

  • $200 for the first referral **
  • $250 for the second referral **
  • $300 for the third referral and subsequent**

Please call us at (210) 494-0800 with the name and phone number of your referral customer to ensure that you are on the record as the first referral source.

**Referral program may be cancelled at anytime without notice. Only the first referral source on record with Keith Zars Pools can be paid. Referral customer must specifically state the referring source’s name at first meeting with Design Consultant and sign pool contract within 90 days of referral. Referral paid when new pool excavation is complete.