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“I was impressed by the professionalism of the company from top to bottom… The progress was constant, the people were wonderful that were coming in and out, and it didn’t feel like destruction to make construction. The value that we got for the money that we spent was well worth every penny that we put into this pool. The whole experience was wonderful.”

- Jerry & Lis Krimbill

“Keith Zars [Pools] is a very reputable company. When we deal with Keith Zars, we’re dealing with people who have high standards and who stand behind their work. We’ve been very happy with the people that [Keith] Zars has sent to us because they’ve all been very courteous, very respectful, but also very thorough in the work that they do.”

- John Moore

“It doesn’t matter who I talk to, what I talk to them about, what the issue is about, what department it is, there is always a stem of professionalism and respectfulness for the customer… I would highly, highly recommend Keith Zars.”

- Denise Kidder

“All through the process, Keith Zars kept in touch with us. We knew what was happening, we knew where the workers were and when they were going to be here, and everybody who came out and worked was just so nice and friendly and hardworking, and the pool came out just beautifully, and we’re so glad that we did it. Looking back we love it – LOVE IT – and we would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

- The Ambs Family

“I’ve been with other [pool] service companies, and I’ll never go back… I was AMAZED at the difference. I didn’t think there could be any difference in servicing a pool and keeping it clean. There is! The technician who comes out ever week just does a wonderful job, and he teaches me about the pool… He tells me when something needs to be serviced, and if he finds something, he takes care of it… It’s a good service.”

- Ron Woodruff

“It’s been top-notch from day one… They got it done so quickly; it was really amazing how quick [the pool] went in… You know you’re going to get a better product with Keith Zars and better customer service during the time that the pool is put in and, especially, more importantly, afterward.”

- Joey & Lilane Reifenberg

“One thing I did appreciate a lot about Keith Zars is that they weren’t contracting people. They were all employees of Keith Zars for many, many years, and I think that’s important. If you’re going to make such an investment in your home, you ought to do it right, and I think we did do it right by going with Keith Zars.”

- Tom & Sharon Manacapilli

“We have something gorgeous that we enjoy everyday, and hopefully we’ll enjoy it for many years to come. Our families love it, our friends love it, but, most of all, we love it. We would do it again tomorrow – the entire process – [and] pay what we paid… the end results are perfect.”

- Doug & Jerry Leger

“That’s one thing we’ve really appreciated is how responsive they’ve been after the pool is done and house built. Everybody else goes on to the next project, and here we are, but [Keith Zars Pools] has been very responsive when needed. We really enjoy being with Keith Zars, and from start to finish, it’s been a seamless process.”

- Greg & Elizabeth Radabaugh

“They [Keith Zars Pools employees] are very professional. They picked up and cleaned up after themselves. They always returned phone calls when I talked to them and asked them about things… We’ve really enjoyed it, and it’s really worked out well for us.”

- Bill & Cheryl Icke

“What wonderful work you have done to create our new home. Your talent and efforts have resulted in a place we will enjoy for the rest of our lives, a masterpiece. Future generations will marvel at your skills.”

Morton Baird

And your crews were all very professional, and we were thrille”You were very helpful and patient, and your constant contact was very reassuring. Although we knew the basic consepts of the construction, it was nice to have you walk us through the steps and know what to expect. d that you were able to complete construction in just over a month.”

Ray Weinman

“This pool has been a many years’ long dream for our family, and Keith Zars Pools not only honored our financial limits, but delivered an amazingly spacious and beautiful project to our back yard. When we walk out on the patio with friends and family to show off our pool, they, like we, are blown away with the product that your firm delivered for the price that we paid. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

The Faulk Family

“I want to thank you for a great experience with our pool/spa purchase. As you know we had a surprise party planned for my wife and getting the pool in the ground on time was important to me. You took on the challenge to meet our date and worked with us. Most companies would not have cared enough and would have worked their own schedule. I am sure this is why your company is the most recommended pool company in San Antonio. Thanks again — we love our pool!”

Rene Garcia President TexTel Solutions, Inc.

“I would like to thank you and all your staff who worked on our pool for your professionalism and excellent workmanship. I’m sure it wasn’t easy working with an architect on his own pool, especially one who has not built a pool before. Keep up the good work.”

Phil Lloyd Shoop, Jr. A.I.A. Architect

“I want to give proper recognition to the professional manner in which your crews handle themselves and also to the craftsmanship that went into my project. Every crew member, at every stage of construction, was on site early and usually stayed late. Everyone I have spoken with who owns a pool is amazed, not only with the efficiency with which our pool was constructed, but also the quality of the workmanship.”

Gary Groth Director of Engineering Match Frame Post Production

“We can’t say enough about your customer service! Our project supervisor, Mario, went out of his way to ease the construction process for us, making us feel as if we were his only customers. We will highly recommend your company to anyone interested in investing in a pool.”

Diana and Kevin Gross

“The construction process was near flawless and not long, arduous and frustrating as some of our friends have experienced with other pool companies. Two critical elements to the success of the process were: the fact that your skilled, experienced and dedicated crews take obvious pride in what they do; and the hands-on supervision, attention to detail and can-do attitude of the project supervisor. The bottom line… our pool is spectacular and far exceeded our expectations because of one thing…your people.”

Col. Steve Richards (USAF ret) General Manager The Dominion Country Club

“I want to thank you and your team for the marvelous job you did constructing our pool. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with the skills of your team and the care with which they exercised those skills. I have already recommended your fine company to two of my friends. Thank you for a tremendous pool construction experience. I am genuinely delighted that I chose Keith Zars Pools for my project!”

Paul Nadeau Senior Vice President Public Services Solutions BearingPoint

“I would like to just give you a quick thank you for all the hard work Zars has done for us so far. Your team helped us hit many of the milestones that were set, and put us in a great position for a strong finish…I was especially impressed with some of the ideas that came out to establish a finished product before the time required that with out a doubt will bring the excitement to the hotel and it’s guests. I look forward to the finish and hope we continue to work on many future projects together.”

Jacob S. (Harvey-Cleary Builders)

“The pool and surrounds are beautifully done! Your employees are so professional and polite–it was a pleasure having them here. We are very pleased with the overall quality of the workmanship. We are so happy with Keith Zars Pools that we shall sing your praises loud and clear.”

Priscilla & Ed K.

“Simply put, Keith Zars set a new standard in all aspects. Not only did I have a positive construction experience, but I wound up with a pool that I and others consider a “resort,” not just a pool. The overall design and construction make this pool one of a kind. I have recommended your company to several friends and would be thrilled to recommend your company in the future.”

Brian E. Campbell

“We are so happy that we chose [Keith] Zars Pools to begin with. Your weekly cleaning crews and service crews are excellent… They demonstrate professionalism and dedication to their jobs. All workers in this industry should model yours!!”

Kan Lam

When I decided to put a pool in the backyard, I knew I wanted to go with a company that had a longstanding reputation. That’s why I reached out to Keith Zars Pools. They lived up to everything I expected. We gave them a budget, and they followed it. We have already gotten our money’s worth in only a year and a half!

Nicki R.