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2014 Pool Design Ideas

News August 8, 2014

Our San Antonio customers are always looking for new and creative swimming pool designs to create a custom pool that is completely unique to them. Here are the most popular pool design ideas for 2014.
Sunshelf – Ever want to relax in the water, but not get completely soaked? A sun shelf is the perfect addition to your pool then. With a large enough sun shelf in your pool, you’ll be able to put a few loungers in the water and dip your toes in while reading a good book and relaxing to the sound of the water. If you have young children, a sun shelf can also be used as a shallow wading area so they’re able to play in the pool safely.
Beach Entry – Beach entries, or “walk-in pools” are springing up all over pool designs on various social media sites like Pinterest and Houzz. These pools create the feeling of being at a resort in your backyard. Similar to a sun shelf, you can put loungers on the beach entry or use it as a wading pool for young children.

Glass Tile – Glass tile in a pool makes for a stunning finish after pool construction is complete, and it is becoming a very popular pool design addition for many pool owners. You will love how the sunlight reflects on the glass pool tile to give your pool that little extra custom feel.
Grotto – We’ve been building a ton of grotto waterfalls lately. They’re a great addition to a pool for those who are looking for a little extra design and customization. The sound of a waterfall is very relaxing with the constant flow of water, and kids love playing behind the waterfall, too.
ump Rock – Kids love jump rocks, and they make your pool look much more natural and beautiful than a diving board would.

San Antonio custom pool design ideas

Heated Pool – It’s still hot outside in San Antonio right now, but in a few months, you’ll be thankful if you build a heated pool. If you’re the type of person who loves to relax in the water year around, make sure to add a heater to your pool.
Spa With Spillover – If you don’t want to heat your entire pool, a Spa is a great addition for those cooler fall & winter nights. We like spa designs that have a spillover into the pool. It creates smoother feel for the entire pool design.