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Building A Custom Swimming Pool

News May 2, 2014

In Texas, where the weather is always warm and people always need a place to cool down, purchasing a swimming pool is usually a no-brainer.
People are excited to build their pool and jump in it as soon as possible� especially when they purchase it in the Spring & Summer months. Due to the excitement, nearly every customer asks us, “How long will it take to build my pool?”

The answer to this question varies from pool to pool. It depends on the size of your pool, site conditions such as topography, trees, and access, and the number of “special features” it has.

Typically, however, it takes about 6-8 weeks to go through the construction process of a custom built concrete swimming pool.

This leads to another question, “When is the best time to buy a pool?”

If you’re looking to stay cool through the summer (which often starts around mid-March here in Texas), we recommend contacting our designers as early as January. This timing should give us plenty of time to build your pool and have it ready for you when those 90 degree days start hitting. If you build early enough, you’ll even have time to get some beautiful landscaping done around the pool area and your flowers and other plants will be blooming when you’re ready to start relaxing by the pool. Make it your own personal oasis.