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Can I Build A Pool If My Backyard Is All Rock?

News July 24, 2015

Many people who want a pool worry that they won�t be able to build one because their backyard is completely rock. This is a common concern in San Antonio, as many homes in the surrounding areas are built on solid rock.

Some people who would love to own a pool don�t even start the process because they don�t think anyone will be able to install a pool or they think it will be too expensive to dig the pool.

So, is it possible to install a pool in a solid rock backyard?

The short answer is absolutely, and it�s not as pricey as you may think.

In fact, the rock is sometimes a better place to build a pool because it has a more solid foundation than soil.

A reputable San Antonio pool builder will have the necessary equipment to excavate a pool in any terrain or soil condition, including solid rock.

Here at Keith Zars Pools we have backhoes with hydraulic hammers or rams in order to dig pools in solid rock, and the basic pool can usually be excavated in 3-5 days.

The price of that excavation will then depend on the amount of rock and the labor necessary to dig it all out of the yard. This price, however, doesn�t do much damage to the overall cost of the pool. For that basic pool, this will usually add $2,000 – $3,000 to the total cost, bringing your cost from an average of $60,000 to only $63,000.

So if you live in one of the rocky areas of San Antonio and you want a swimming pool, but you�re not sure if you�ll be able to install a pool, give us a call and we�ll get you a free estimate.