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Easy Swimming Pool Workouts

News January 29, 2016

If you�re looking to stay in shape this year, your pool is one of the best allies you can have in your endeavors.

However, if you don�t have a lap pool or a FastLane (shown in the Goodtaste With Tanji video at the end of this post), you may not think you have the ability to do great calorie burning exercises in the pool.

Think again! We found a great article from that showcases 33 different exercises you can do in the pool � no laps required!

Here are a few of our favorites that they listed (photos in right hand sidebar):

Scissor Kicks

Laying back on the edge of the pool, open your legs like a V and then bring them quickly together with one ankle on top of the other. Open your legs again and bring them together with the other ankle on top.

Underwater Sit Ups

Hooking your knees over the edge of the pool, lower yourself backwards as low as is comfortable, and then pull your abs in tight to return to an upright position. Sounds easy enough, right?

Squat Jumps

Starting with your feet wider than hip width apart, squat down and then explosively jump out of the water.


Facing the pool wall, use your arms to keep your head above water while you run your feet up and down. What�s great about this particular exercise is that you�re working your arms as well � you�ll have to use your arms to keep you from floating away from the wall!

If you would like to read the full article from and learn all 33 exercises, click here.


Last year, Tanji Patton brought her personal trainer to our Design Center to help teach us all how to stay in shape with a pool. Check out that video below: