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Fun Pool Technology and Pool Accessories for Adults

News June 12, 2015

Summer is here, and with the season comes lots and lots of time in the water.

If you love hanging out by the pool, but you don’t like to leave your technology behind, this is an article for you! Today we’ve gathered up some of our favorite pool technologies, and compiled them into a nice list for you to view.

Monster SuperStar BackFloat floating Bluetooth speaker

If you�re the kind of person who enjoys listening to music while you�re relaxing in or near the pool, Monster�s SuperStar BackFloat is the perfect accessory for you.

Throwing a pool party soon? You�ll be the perfect host with one of these amazing waterproof speakers.

All you have to do is link it to your phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth device, start playing music from that device, and throw the speaker in the water.

It actually floats on top of the water, and the sound quality is fantastic! If you�re using your phone to play the music, and someone starts calling you, don�t worry � the SuperStar BackFloat is also a speakerphone with a mic.

You can purchase yours right here on our website for $149.95. Order Now.

Neptune MP3 Player

If you like to swim laps the Neptune MP3 player by Finis may be a better choice for you.

This waterproof MP3 player clips on to your goggles, so you can listen to your tunes while you�re working out in the pool. It uses Bone Conduction audio transmission to transmit the music (or audiobooks, or podcasts, or whatever) through your cheekbones and into your inner ear, without the use of earbuds.

You can buy it for $159.99 at

JUNE UV Ray Monitor

We all know the sun can be damaging to our skin if we don�t apply the correct amount of sunblock, and no one likes the feeling of a sunburn, but how do you keep track of time and take the safest precautions when you�re outside relaxing in the pool?

The JUNE UV Ray Monitor will keep track for you. It monitors your daily sun exposure, the intensity of the sun�s UV rays, and sends a reminder to your smartphone when it�s time to reapply sunscreen. This is a great item for everyone in the family!

You can buy yours for $129.00 at

Catalyst Waterproof iPhone Case

The UV Ray Monitor may send a message to your smart phone when it�s time to reapply your sunscreen, but how are you supposed to check your phone when you�re lounging in the pool?

Easy answer � a Catalyst Waterproof Case. This iPhone case creates an airtight barrier, not allowing any water to pass through, making your iPhone waterproof.

Sure, there are other, better known brands of waterproof phone cases, but this one boasts a much better resistance. It�s rated to withstand depths of up to 5 meters (about 16 feet), which is likely much deeper than any pool you�ll be swimming in this summer!

It comes in sizes to fit iPhones from a 4 to a 6 Plus, and prices range from $64.99 to $74.99 at

Garmin Swim

If you�re a swimmer, the Garmin Swim fitness tracker is the perfect addition to your swim accessories.

It tracks your distance, number of strokes, and stroke type and can withstand continued immersion at depths of up to 50 meters.

Get yours today on Garmin’s website for $149.99.

Logitech K310 Waterproof Keyboard

Long day at work? You can read and respond to all of those long emails while you�re relaxing by the pool, as long as you have the Logitech K310 Keyboard.

The entire keyboard is waterproof, and the letters won�t fade after continued contact with water.

So go ahead � get out of the office and enjoy the day, without missing a moment of work.

It’s only $59.00 at