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How Much Does A Custom Pool Cost?

News May 9, 2014

After walking in our doors, calling us on the phone or emailing us for more information, the thought on everyones’ minds is, “How much does a custom built pool cost?” Asking this question, of course, is understandable, as we all want to make sure we’re making a good investment.
Unfortunately, it’s not easy to answer this question. The price of your pool may be drastically different from your neighbors’. It depends on what you want your pool to look like.

Do you want a big water slide that drops into a deeper end of the pool?
Do you want a spa?
Do you want clean lines or do you want free-form?
What kind of tile do you want in the pool?
What type of decking do you like?
What type of decking do you like
These questions could go on and on, and the costs vary.

What you want isn’t all we need to know though� We also need to know what you have. We hear the question all the time on social media: “How much does this exact pool cost?”
We can, of course, tell you how much that pool cost that customer, but it won’t necessarily be the same cost for you. We have to know� What is your backyard composed of? Do you have dirt or rock? How much does your yard slope? How many trees do you have? We need to see it, measure it, and then give you an estimate.

It’s best that you get a price estimate directly from a pool company rather than online. If a company doesn’t want to come out and look at your yard before they give you a price, that price is probably going to change drastically before you sign a contract.
The average pool price is about $65,000, but we’ve built pools under $30,000, and we’ve built pools over $1,000,000. There’s a huge price variation with each and every pool customer who walks in our doors because every person is unique, every yard is unique, and, since we build custom pools in San Antonio, every pool is unique.