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Introducing LX Glass

News March 15, 2017

Here at Keith Zars Pools, we continuously strive to be the industry leader. From ZarStar, our proprietary skimming system, to offering our Life Style Protection Plan, we know you have come to expect superb craftmanship and top of the line products.



Keith Zars Pools proudly introduces LX Glass, the new high-end glass bead pool finish by Keith Zars. Each glass bead was hand chosen by Keith and formulated with cementitious mix to create 16 different blend options. Every blend was given a name, distinctive to the coloration. Sea Song’s hues of blue, shimmer to the harmonic sounds of the sea, while the black and clear beads of Spurs Crest shine just like the hometown favorite team. And lest not forget Riverwalk Blue, the vibrant mixture of bead embellishment, resemble the vibrance that illuminates the City. With shades of white, blue, green, and black, everyone is bound to find the perfect color for their pool.

Smoother than rock!

LX Glass is a smooth finish that will not tug or tear your bathing suit and with an undulated texture, your skin forms a grip with traction so you do not slip.

Let me see!

At our Design Center, all 16 various options are on display with a sliding gallery of finished pool pictures installed with LX Glass. Also, two of the pools at our Showroom have LX Glass so you can feel and see the bead finish underwater.

Show me the money!

So you are wondering, “What is this going to cost me?” KZP sources all our own beads, our crews spray the � – �� mixture, and it’s then hand trowelled to expose the glass surface. Cutting out the middle man, we can offer the luxury glass finish at a fraction of the cost of the pebble sheen finishes.

What’s the catch?

Keith Zars believes in offering superb quality and stands behind every pool with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The introduction of LX Glass is no different. All LX Glass finishes have a 10 year warranty. With the elegant feel and luxurious finish, it’s no wonder our customers are excited about LX Glass! Come see for yourself.

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