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Keep Your Resolutions

News January 8, 2016

What was your New Year�s resolution this year?

Some of the most common resolutions are to get in shape, stress less, spend more time with family, and to enjoy life more.

If one of those was your New Year�s resolution, we know just exactly how you can keep it�

How A Swimming Pool Will Help You Keep Your New Year�s Resolution

Get In Shape With A Pool

Did you know that swimming is one of the best exercises you can do? Here�s why � swimming will get your heart rate up, but it isn�t as hard on your joints as other cardio exercises like running. This means you�re going to lose weight and/or build muscle without having any joint pain later.

Want to learn some great exercises to do in the pool? Don�t miss this video from Goodtaste With Tanji:

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Spend More Time With Family With A Pool

Many people just want to make sure to spend more time with their families each year. What better way to do that than to gather around the pool during the warm Spring and Summer months and the poolside firepit during the cool Fall and Winter months?!

Have a Pool Party! Invite your family, friends and neighbors, and just have a good time with everyone. Here are some Pool Party Ideas for you to start with.

Invite everyone over, and enjoy some delicious food prepared on the grill! Here are some delicious recipes: Grilling Recipes For Every Meal – Let us know if you tried any of them!

What’s a day at the pool without some incredible pool accessories?! Here is a great list of some pool accessories you can add to your backyard fun this year: Unique Pool Accessories Every Pool Should Have

Stress Less With A Pool

After a long day at work, there is nothing better than to come home and jump in the pool or soak in the spa. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, swimming has actually been proven to be a stress reliever. The rhythmic movements of each stroke will help to calm you. It�s such a methodical exercise, that you�re able to throw your cares away and lose yourself in each stroke.

Enjoy Life With A Pool

This one is a given� If you have a pool, you�re going to be able to enjoy life more! Since the pool will keep you healthy & in shape, let you spend more time with your family, and stress less, it�s only reasonable that you will also start to enjoy life more. Just imagine waking up on a hot day this August, looking out your back window, and seeing the sun reflect off the water of your gorgeous swimming pool. Sounds like an enjoyable life to us!


We hope to help you keep all of your New Years resolutions this year! Not sure when you should start building your pool? Take a look back and read �When Is The Best Time To Build A Pool In San Antonio?�