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Keith Zars Pools Review

News February 19, 2016

This customer lives in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio, and she has used multiple services from Keith Zars Pools, including the weekly pool cleaning and customer care departments. In this video, she shares her experience with the pool construction process and her pool service experience afterward.

I have a lovely waterfall. We have the bar right here with the umbrella, so it’s nice to be under the shade when you’re in the sun sometimes. We also have the hot tub, and the hot tub runs over into the pool, so it kind of heats it up a little bit as well. We have the polaris, which is the automatic cleaner, so it’s been wonderful.
It’s South Texas, it’s hot during the Summer, and I have a one year old. I get a little germ-o-phobic going to the big public pools… you never know how clean they are, and so I figured having my own would be best.

Everything about Keith Zars is wonderful, from the construction to the maintenance to the weekly cleaning that they come out to do, it’s been wonderful.
The quality and craftsmanship of the pool, and how long it lasts. I’ve had excellent service, and anytime that I have a question, they call back and answer all of my questions.
You’re getting your money’s worth. You’re not overpaying, you’re not underpaying. It’s the right amount of money for the best quality pool you can get here in town.

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