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Part 3 – The Keith Zars Pool Build

News October 23, 2015

Today, we continue our 6-part series in showing you the Keith Zars Pools difference.

We’ve talked a bit about the basics (we’ve been in business for over 30 years, we’re locally owned and operated, etc.).

We’ve also had the chance to tell you about our wonderful employees and how they can help you during and after the pool building process.

Now we’re really going to dive right in (no pun intended). Let’s talk a little bit about the pool building process and and how Keith Zars Pools’ unique process makes us different from every other pool builder in San Antonio.


Cantilever Pool Construction System

The cantilever system makes your pool a one-piece construction. This ensures that your pool and decking will stand the test of time by preventing separation from occurring between the pool shell and the decking. It also removes the expansion joint from behind the coping to eliminate movement.

In fact, we’re so sure of our cantilever system, we actually warranty our tile, coping and deck work for five years.

Wet Mix Gunite

Our specially formulated wet gunite pool mix creates a more consistent, stronger and dependable pool structure.

Swimming pool structural engineers prefer a wet mix over a dry mix because of its uniform consistency, and with a compression strength of no less than 4,500 PSI, it is 50% stronger than the industry standard.

Straight Line Plumbing

Our plumbing is installed under the pool instead of around the perimeter. These straight lines improve water flow and equipment efficiency for cleaner water and lower energy use. In addition, the plumbing itself is stronger because it has fewer joints throughout.

All plumbing lines are systematically pressure tested before concrete is poured.

Deeper Excavation

We over dig the pool depth for less movement and floatation. We use this extra space below the pool to place a minimum of four inches of washed gravel and a 1 1/2 inch hydrostatic relief port under each pool to reduce structural movement.

Grade 60 High Tensile Steel

The grade 60 steel that we use in each of our pools is 50% stronger than the industry standard. Plus, we put more steel throughout the structure, tied in the floor, wall and cantilever to create a monolithic structure.


The ZarStar

The ZarStar, our proprietary pool skimming system, combines a pre-filter basket, seven to eight times larger than a standard basket, with a 300-micron pre-filter bag.

Combined, the large pre-filter basket and the pre-filter bag will give you a lower maintenance pool.

They remove more than 5 times the debris from your pool water than conventional skimmer systems do. Plus, the need to backwash the pool is reduced by 30%, which saves water. All of this means your Keith Zars Pool will have cleaner and healthier water with less maintenance by you.

Direct Injection Ozone System

Our Ultimate Ozonator reduces chlorine demand by 60-90%, while still maintaining clean and healthy water.

Our system works 24/7, killing and removing more than 99.9% of present bacteria and viruses in the pool awarer and is more effective than an ultra violet light ozonation systemm

Pebble Tec Products

Keith Zars Pools is the only licensed Pebble Tec pool builder and applicator in San Antonio. Pebble Tec only allows their products to be crafted and installed by applicators who have been carefully selected, trained and licensed by Pebble Technology, Inc.

Their incredible 10 year warranty means it’s the right choice today and tomorrow.

For more information about Pebble Tec products, click here.

These are just a few of the things that make Keith Zars Pools a leader in the pool industry.


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