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Build Your Dream Pool

Pool Party Ideas

News August 15, 2014

It’s almost that time again� back to school for most of San Antonio is just over a week away! Some kids are excited to start a new school year, others may be devastated that the summer is over, but either way, a terrific way to end the summer is with a back-to-school pool party.

We rounded up some ideas from across the web to post here on our blog, and we’d love for you to share your pool party ideas too!

Interesting Invitations

Send them flat with a note to blow it up. This could be done with balloons or beach balls.

Lather up!

Create a “Sun Protection Station” to keep everyone (kids and adults alike) safe from the sun.

Simple Signage

Sometimes the simplest things can turn an everyday item like this veggie tray into something with a little hint of genius.

Cool Off!

Use a cheap kiddie pool as a cooler for drinks. If you’ll have people of all ages at the party, buy two pools and separate the drinks into a “kiddie pool” and an “adult pool.”

Themed Goodies

Give the kids some things they can use at the party. Water guns, beach balls, dive toys are a few easy things to find and give away, and you can likely buy them at a local party or convenience store.