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Power of Jets in an In-Ground Spa

News September 18, 2015

In this video, we want to talk about a few of the features of our spa that are unique compared to those of other San Antonio pool builders.

The Spa On Low Speed

At the beginning of the video, we’ve got our spa on its lowest speed, which is one of its advantages. Here at Keith Zars Pools, we have variable speed pumps that allow you to save energy, so as you can see, the water will roll out of the spa very gently. You also get the proper turnover because the D.E. filters really like the pump’s lower speed setting.

Inside A Keith Zars Pools Spa

The first few things you probably notice when comparing our spa to those of other San Antonio pool builders, are our armrest around the upper edge, our jet placement, and our “plunge” feature, which allows you to step down into the spa and fully immerse yourself in the water.

Our Spa Jets

You can operate our spas and their jets right from your cell phone! There are eight jets along the back of the plunge. The plunge spa is something Keith put in his home pool, which is how he came up with the idea for a deeper area in the spa. There is one area that has a bank of four spa jets, so you can sit there and get a little extra massage or you can just relax in the whole tub.

The Spa On High Speed

On high speed, you can see the amount of action in the spa itself, which is quite nice. You can also set it on the cool down setting to make the water from the spa actually overflow down into the pool. This gives you a nice decorative feature as the water tumbles out of the spa and into the pool.

The Spa – Drained

About halfway through the video, we drained the spa, so it’s a little easier to see what we have inside.The armrest was designed so you can sit on the bench and comfortably place your arms along the edge of the spa, as opposed to up against the coping. When designing our spas, we noticed the coping is a little bit high for your arms, and it’s much more comfortable to have an armrest a few inches below the copingOur normal spa has eight jets; we’ve got two jets on one side of the spa, and a total of six jets on the other side of the spa. These jets are controlled by an air control that sits on top of the coping, which allows you to turn the air on and off on each jet.Some of our customers opt for the plunge feature to be added to their spas, which, as we explained earlier, has the eight jets at the back of the spa so you can step down into the plunge and get a full body massage. Those plunge spa jets are also controlled by the air control on the coping.

Water Pressure In Our Spa Jets

At the end of the video, we turned the spa jets on, without any water in the spa, to show you the action our spa jets have.First, we show you the water pressure on the plunge jets, then we show you the regular spa jets. These are set up on a motorized valve, so when we turn off the vertical plunge jets, we turn on the ones around the perimeter. That way we only need to use one pump for both functions.As you can see, we get good action with the jets in our spas.This particular unit doesn’t require an air blower. We use the air from the side, and, as you can see, there is still plenty of action with our spa jets.