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San Antonio Pool Builder Review

News April 19, 2016

Keith Zars Pools is a pool builder in Garden Ridge too!

In fact, here is a pool we built in Garden Ridge back in 2006. The customer is very pleased with his experience. In this video, he speaks about his experience with the Lifestyle Protection Plan, our industry-leading warranty.


The We decided that when I retired from being a commercial airline pilot that we’d put a pool in the backyard, so that when the kids grew up they would be able to enjoy something else when they came to visit us at our house.

It’s a Pebble Tec finish on the bottom and it’s got the tile with the infinity on the other side, and it’s got a bench all the way across the back.

It’s 40 feet so that when we first got it, it forced me into swimming laps.

We had number of people come out to give us bids, and as a real estate home inspector, I inspected a lot of houses that had Zars Pools, and just from looking at the workmanship and the service, so that’s who we decided to go with.

We also took advantage of the maintenance agreement [the Keith Zars Pools’ LifeStyle Protection Plan, aka “LSPP”] on it, and I became a firm believer in that maintenance agreement over the years. It’s well worth having.

All the technicians are good guys and explain a lot to me about the pool, so we have benefitted from all of that. The people over there are very nice, and [we’ve] generally [liked] just the service and the attitude over there.


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