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San Antonio Valentine’s Day Ideas

News February 12, 2016

Valentine’s Day is this weekend! If you want to share a special night with a special someone, check out these tips.

Last Valentine’s Day, Tanji Patton gave us some great tips on having a romantic night, poolside.

Let’s take another look at the video she put together.

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We’ve got the set for the perfect romantic evening, AT HOME! Dine in tonight, and what better way to set the mood than with some chocolate?
These are so fun. I found these at Chocolad, which has a location in San Antonio. You can also go online. It’s so cool. A chocolate champagne bottle, chocolate champagne glasses, of course, chocolates, and a beautiful box of chocolates that comes in a very ornate chocolate heart. Yes – the entire thing is edible! And if you want to kick it up a notch, we even found some chocolate body paint.

We’re going to make it even better because we’re going to talk about how you can enjoy all of these great things with your own pool and spa, “spa” being one of the operative words because, I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing like a whirlpool in a beautiful setting like a backyard to really relax you, right?
That’s the best place to relax, Tanji, and just lean back and enjoy the evening.
You don’t have to have a giant backyard for this to happen, right?

No, you don’t. It’s best if you put a pool with the spa, but if you have room just for a spa, we’ve done a number of those also.
And how long does it take to build? Because when the weather is cool, like it is now, there is nothing more romantic and relaxing than getting in a hot tub at night.
I’d say, time-wise, you’re probably looking at about a month and a half to get everything done.
That’s it?
That’s it!
That’s so easy. I love that! One of the fun things you’ve got, (of course, everything at Keith Zars is state of the art – you’ve got all the fun, great stuff), and I was amazed by this because I have a hot tub at home, but if I’m planning on being in that spa later that night, I have to plan way ahead to turn the heater on, get home in time, get it going… not anymore!
Nope! All you do is you tap on your app on your cell phone, it loads, and you push your spa button to turn it on. It heats it up, turns it on, and by the time you get home, it’s ready to go. It’s a simple solution.

I would imagine it’s money saving when it comes to energy bills, right?

Oh yeah. We’ve got variable speed pumps here, so they run on a very low rpm, and then when it goes to the spa mode, it ramps it up to the spa setting. You do save money by doing that.
A lot of people like their spa, not only to relax in the evening, but especially as you get older or athletes even have muscle issues. It’s truly a therapeutic tool, right?
Oh, yeah. We’ve got one thing that we’re doing a little bit differently now. We’ve got a place where you actually step down into it, a little deeper in the spa, where it’s about 5 foot deep, and there are jets all the way up and down your back, so it gives you the total relaxation.

Another thing I think was really cool, and it’s not necessarily for the spa, but the Fastlane pools y’all do.
Yes, you can swim in place, and actually even in the regular spa, I’ll hold onto one side, and I can exercise in the spa, and it’s just a good way to exercise in the wintertime.
I would imagine a lot of couples want a spa because it’s a nice, romantic way to unwind at the end of a crazy day.