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Swim In Jello

News April 1, 2016

Today is April Fool�s Day, so we wanted to have a little bit of fun in this week�s blog post.
As a kid, did you ever wonder whether it would be possible to shrink yourself down and swim through that delicious jello on your cafeteria tray? Or did you wonder if you could swim to the other side of a pool filled with jello?

Is Jello a Liquid or a Solid?

The reason this is such a perplexing question for some is because jello can both be considered a solid and a liquid, depending on its level of concentration. If that yummy red jello is very highly concentrated and bounces back when you hit it with your spoon, it�s in solid form. If that jello is smooth and allows your spoon to go through it, reforming itself as you move the spoon through, it�s in liquid form.

So… Can You Swim In Jello?

Fill a pool up with that solid jello, and you may as well swim through dirt. It�s possible to get to the other side of the pool, but you won�t be swimming your way over� you�ll be digging. On the other hand, if your pool is full of the more liquidized jello, it may take some effort, but you�ll be able to swim your way to the other side.

We decided not to fill our pools with jello to test this theory, but we have a pretty good feeling that it would work.