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The Best Time To Build A Pool

News December 18, 2015

If you�re the type of person who likes to plan things out, and you�ve been thinking about building a swimming pool for a little while, you may wonder�

�When is the best time to build a pool in San Antonio?�
The simple answer to this question is �Whenever you want to,� but we won�t leave you with an answer like that.

The best time to build a pool really depends on what you want and what kind of person you are.

Building a large pool with a lot of custom features?
If you are looking to build an overly complicated pool, with all of the bells and whistles, you may want to start in the Winter months, so that you can be sure your pool is ready for that first wave of Spring / Summer heat.

Planning an event that requires pool use?
Similarly, if you have an event coming up that you would like your pool to be completed for (let�s say for a Memorial Day party), you will want to start the building process approximately 8 weeks before Memorial Day, which in 2016 would be April 4.

The time it takes to build the pool itself is not all you have to worry about though. There are many steps involved to get you from the time of initial contact to the first day of excavation.

We will need to get a building permit from the city and get approval from your HOA (if you have one) to build a pool. If you�re planning on financing your pool through a bank or other lender, you will need to make sure all of those financial items are in order. If you�re building a custom pool (which, if you�re building a pool with Keith Zars Pools, it will be custom), it will also take a bit of time to design your pool.

Given all of the steps involved, it�s likely a good idea to contact a pool builder approximately 10-12 weeks before you would like your pool completed. In the Memorial Day example, this would mean you should contact a San Antonio pool builder no later than March 21.

Want to build your swimming pool quickly?
If you want your pool built as quickly as possible, without many interruptions, you will want to build even earlier.

Many pool builders have busy seasons � oftentimes these busy seasons are during the warmer months of Spring and Summer. If you start building a pool during a slower time, however, like November, December, or January, you will likely have fewer delays, especially here in San Antonio where we don�t get many hard winter freezes. This means your pool is more likely to be completed in a timely manner because there will not be as many weather delays (as there would be in the rainy Spring months), and you will not be competing for crews and equipment with other customers.


So there you have it� If you�re looking to build a pool in San Antonio, build when you want, but don�t wait too late to start!

If you want to start swimming the first day of the year that we have warm weather, we highly recommend you contact a San Antonio pool builder during the Winter.

If you have an event or party that you want your pool to be usable for, you should contact a San Antonio pool builder at least 10-12 weeks before the event.

If you just want to get your pool built quick with limited delays and interruptions, you should contact a San Antonio pool builder in the Winter.

Please keep in mind that every pool is different, and some pools take longer to build than others. If you are wanting to build a larger or more complicated pool, give your pool builder adequate time to build it for you.