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Unique Pool Designs

News January 15, 2016

If you�re looking to build a pool in San Antonio this year, you�re probably considering a multitude of different design options.

Maybe you�ve always dreamed of a freeform pool with curved edges and large waterfalls because it will fit in perfectly with your Hill Country home.

Or maybe you live in a more modern neighborhood, and your perfect pool has straight lines or a classic rectangle shape and contemporary water features.

All of our pools are custom designed for each of our customers, but you may want something even more unique.

That�s what we�re here to talk about today.

Let�s look at a few unique pool designs we�ve built in the past that you can create for yourself this year, making a few changes to truly make it your own.
This pool has a very distinct shape. All of its curves and twists make it difficult to put into a shape category aside from �custom.�

One area of the pool (shown in this photo on the right hand side), is a sunshelf, which is a six-inch deep portion of the pool � great for sunbathing when you want to cool off but not fully submerge in the water. The sunshelf has two bubblers inside it, which have a nice look and relaxing sound. The water from the sunshelf overflows into the main pool through the stepping stones.

Those stepping stones lead to a spa, which is almost entirely surrounded by water. The spa (aka hot tub) has a unique Keith Zars Pools therapy plunge and a stacked stone overflow, which pushes water from the spa into the pool, making a nice waterfall effect, which is very appealing to the eye.

The plaster color is a dark Pebble Tec, which gives the water that beautiful, dark blue color when the sunlight reflects on it.

Pair all of that with the lovely cut stone coping and the wonderfully green backyard, and you�ve got a pool that will make anyone say �Wow!�
Living in the Hill Country but still want something a little more unique than a typical freeform pool? This one is perfect!

The spa (hot tub) is surrounded by two Oklahoma flagstone beach entries (aka zero entry) that give it a beachy-river feel � great for a relaxing day spent in the backyard. The spa has a natural stone wall with an overflow that let�s the water from the spa flow back into the pool.

The wide waterfall has a grotto � great for kids, and the pool has an infinity edge (shown on the right side of this photo). The infinity edge flows over natural stones, similar to the stones on the outer edge of the spa, into a basin that truly makes this pool stand out from the crowd. The basin is plastered with Bead Crete, which are glass beads that give a 3-dimensional effect to the bottom of the pool. The most unique thing about this particular overflow basin, however, is that it is usable as a bar area. It sits directly in front of the outdoor kitchen (not shown in the photo), and has a row of marble bar stools with a matching marble bar top table. This area is perfect for entertaining guests or simply relaxing after a long day of work.
The shape of this pool is what makes it unique. Both the straight and curved edges keep it fresh and updated, no matter how old it is. Even the spa has a distinct shape, with a sheer descent overflow back into the main pool.

The large amount of decking around the pool makes it perfect for entertaining family and friends.

If you�ve got a lot of room in your yard, you may want to build a larger, more resort-style pool like this one. At nearly 100,000 gallons, the sheer size of this pool is what makes it so different from others.

With a size like that, of course, it has a lot of great features that you could add to any size pool.

To the left side of the photo, you see the expansive sun shelf. The right side of the photo shows a bit of the bar area, which is complete with three fire features and connected to one of two outdoor kitchens (the other outdoor kitchen is not shown in this photo).

The two spas make it easy to invite plenty of guests over without worrying if there will be enough room for everyone to relax.

In the center of the pool is an in ground fire pit with bench seating all around.

A separate diving pool (in the back) overflows into the main pool area and has a slide and grotto waterfall.

If you�re looking for a great backyard for entertaining, a pool similar to this one is what you need!

Of course, we have built many more unique swimming pools aside from these shown. Come design your pool with us, and maybe we�ll be able to add it to our next blog about unique pool designs!