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Image Product Name Price Quantity
25 LB. Bucket of 3″ Chlorinating Tablets$79.00
50 LB. Bucket of 3″ Chlorinating Tablets$119.00
400K BTU Jxi Heater – Natural Gas or Propane, installed (with 3 yr limited mfg warranty) *Price does not include gas/electric additions or modifications, or equipment slab.$3,599.00
Pool Chemical Bundle (Includes (1) 25lb bucket of 3″ chlorine tablets, (2) gallons of muriatic acid, (1) 12 lb bag of DE in individual 1lb pouches, (4) gallons of liquid chlorine)$112.50
Ultimate Pool Accessory Bundle (Inc. (1) 3-piece Pole (6’/18′), (1) Piranha Skimmer, (1) 22″ Green Grit Graphite Brush, (1) Taylor 2005 DRD Test Kit)$230.00
Pentair Stainless Steel Brush 18″ (#718)$39.99
Green Grit Graphite Brush 22″$39.99
3-Piece Pole telescoping (6 ft. to 18 ft.)$99.99
Piranha Skimmer Net (Complete)$47.05
Piranha Replacement Net$34.99
Leaf Master by Jandy #2233$54.99
Leaf Master Replacement Bag$30.45
Polaris 3900 (equipment only)$699.00
Polaris 3900 Replacement Bag$59.99
Taylor Test Kit 2005 DPD$72.75
1/2 Gallon Alga Tec$29.60
1/2 Gallon Beau Tec$33.25
1/2 Gallon Scale Tec$33.25
25lb Bag (Diatomaceous Earth) DE$13.50
1 CASE ( Four 1 GAL. Jugs of Liquid Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite)$18.00
1 GAL. Jug of Muriatic Pool Acid$5.49
Monster® SuperStar™ BackFloat™ Bluetooth Speaker$149.95