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ImageProduct NamePriceQuantity
400K BTU Jxi Heater – Natural Gas or Propane, installed (with 3 yr limited mfg warranty) *Price does not include applicable sales tax, gas/electric additions or modifications, or equipment slab. (Not eligible for free delivery)$3,400.00
Polaris 3900 (equipment only)$625.00
Ultimate Pool Accessory Bundle (Inc. (1) Rainbow InnerCam Pole (8’/16′), (1) Piranah Skimmer, (1) 22″ Green Grit Graphite Brush, (1) Taylor 2005 DRD Test Kit)$164.50
Monster® SuperStar™ BackFloat™ bluetooth speaker$149.95
50 LB. Bucket of 3″ Chlorinating Tablets$137.39
Rainbow Inner Cam Pole 2 pc. telescoping (8 ft. to 16 ft.)$115.63
Pool Chemical Bundle (Includes (1) 25lb bucket of 3″ chlorine tablets, (2) gallons of muriatic acid, (1) 25lb bag of DE, (4) gallons of liquid chlorine)$112.50
25 LB. Bucket of 3″ Chlorinating Tablets$79.00
Leaf Master by Jandy$78.61
Taylor Test Kit 2005 DPD$66.90
Piranha Skimmer Net (Complete)$47.05
Green Grit Graphite Brush 22″$38.99
Stainless Steel Brush 18″$38.39
Piranha Replacement Net$34.61
1/2 Gallon Scale Tec$33.25
1/2 Gallon Beau Tec$33.25
Leaf Master Replacement Bag$30.45
1/2 Gallon Alga Tec$29.60
25 LB. Bag of DE (Diatomaceous Earth)$14.50
1 GAL. Jug of Muriatic Pool Acid$5.49
1 GAL. Jug of Liquid Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite)$4.50
Life Style Protection Program$0.00
Repair Order$0.00