Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Build Your Dream Pool

After having built more than 9,000 pools in San Antonio and surrounding areas, we know that an excellent pool company doesn’t stop helping the customer once the pool is created. Pool service, cleaning, and maintenance are a huge factor in owning a pool, and at Keith Zars we want to be there for you to make sure you are taken care of.

Not only are we the number one pool builder in San Antonio, we also offer top of the line Pool Cleaning and Maintenance. We ensure our clients that Keith Zars is always there for them by providing quality service to keep their dream pool looking pristine for years to come.

With over 30 years of experience, those at Keith Zars are the experts when it comes to your pool.To ensure a forever flawless pool, Keith Zars offers a weekly pool cleaning and maintenance program to servethose in the south Texas area. Our cleaning and maintenance service includes:

  • Pool Chemical Testing
  • Adjustment of Chemical Levels
  • Backwashing (as needed)
  • Cleaning program to include
    • Pool Surface Skimming
    • Skimmer Basket Cleaning
    • Main Filter Cleaning
    • Pump Basket Cleaning
    • Pool Vacuuming
    • Pool brushing

While we are the experts when it comes to Keith Zars crafted pools, our program is available to any pool owner with an in-ground concrete pool in the San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Kerrville areas. Our cleaning and maintenance packages are crafted to meet your needs as well! We will create a plan that fits your pool size, design, and use. While the service occurs weekly, we know that there are times a visit is needed right away. When this happens, or if you have a concern about your pool, you can fill out a service form and contact us.

If you would rather tackle pool cleaning and maintenance on your own, we do have a list of the preferred products that will help in keeping a beautiful backyard oasis. The top-of-the-line pool chemicals and accessories can be found at order products and includes brushes, skimmers, testing kits, and more.

Let Keith Zars help with your pool cleaning and maintenance needs and give us a call at 210-494-0800 if you have any questions.