Pool Construction

Understanding the Process

Build Your Dream Pool

Higher construction standards result in a superior quality pool. We construct our pools using the cantilever structural beam process, rather than the conventional beam structural process. The cantilever steel beams connect the shell of the pool to the decking surrounding it, which allows the pool and decking to move together in the event of ground movement. Over time, many beam-constructed pools may settle and separate from the surrounding decking. The cantilever process is much more labor intensive, but the end result is a better constructed pool.

We also dig our residential pools to a commercial depth using a gravel underdrain under the entire base of the pool. This protects the pool’s structural shell from ground movement.

And, we are the only pool company in San Antonio that runs our plumbing underneath the pool, rather than around it, meeting commercial standards. Straighter plumbing lines result in vastly enhanced water flow. The end product is a much cleaner, lower-maintenance pool.

Furthermore, our craftsmen take personal pride in building the very best pool for you. Their dedication and workmanship is unsurpassed. Each pool project is assigned a construction superintendent who will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Each of our construction superintendents is knowledgeable in every phase of pool construction. You can be sure your Keith Zars Pool will be constructed by highly trained professionals.

Finally, a good relationship between Keith Zars Pools and the customer is the key to building an exceptional custom pool. We encourage you to become involved in the project. We want you to be aware of the importance of good construction, the crispness of the finishes, the exactness of the lines, and the precision of how the materials come together. You will enjoy meeting the craftsmen as they show off their skills in building the perfect pool for you.

Higher Construction Standards