Build Your Dream Pool


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Our pool renovation department can repair or remodel any existing pool, no matter who was the original builder. Do you have an older pool that needs to be modernized or needs a mini-makeover? Let our renovations department help! Below are before & after photos of San Antonio area pools remodeled by Keith Zars Pools.

Pool Replastering

Do you wish your pool was a different color? Maybe you have a dark color that gets too warm in the summertime, and you’d like to lighten it up a bit. Or maybe you would like your pool color to be a bit more blue. A replaster is a relatively inexpensive way to completely change the look and feel of your pool. After years of use, pool plaster often begins to wear down, which also means it is time to replaster.

Pool Retiling

Much like replastering your pool, retiling it can change the look without having to do a full remodel. You may never have liked the tile that a previous owner chose for the pool that is in your backyard, or the tile may be starting to show signs of wear and tear in some places. We can fix the tile and make it look new again!

Pool Decking

If you need more room around your pool for lounging and entertaining, we can add decking around any pool. Or do you not like your decking and want to upgrade looks, we can do that too!

Change A Pool Feature
A Pool Feature

Do you want to change your hot tub spillway, or how about adding a waterfall to your pool, or what about enhancing with sheer descents? These are a couple of many changes you can make to truly modernize your pool.

Full Pool Remodel

Some pools just need to get a full face-lift. If you don’t love the way your pool looks, let our renovation department  and turn it into your perfect paradise!