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Cleaning Leaves Out Of Your Pool

News April 8, 2016

Spring has officially arrived here in South Texas, and if you have trees in your backyard, you probably have plenty of evidence of the changing season… All throughout your pool!

If you’re wondering how to get those pesky leaves and tassels out of your swimming pool, watch the video below to learn how to easily do it using the Leaf Master.

This time of year, the leaves are dropping, and that’s a problem for everyone… especially if you’re a pool owner. You may forget to clean your skimmer baskets out quick enough, and when that happens, the leaves sink to the bottom of the pool.

Using a LeafMaster makes it easy to get leaves out of your pool.

It hooks up to a regular garden hose. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Leaf Master:

1) Take out the mesh bag that is included in the Leaf Master box, and attach it to the blue “collar”. There is a drawstring on the bag for ease of use.
2) Hook it up to your garden hose
3) Attach the pole (included in the box)
4) Put the assembled LeafMaster into your pool
5) Turn on your hose faucet
6) Use the pole to push the LeafMaster around the bottom of the pool, and watch it collect your leaves!
7) When the bag is full, remove it from the pool, disconnect it from the Leaf Master, and throw all the leaves in a trash bag
8) Repeat steps 1-7 until you have removed all the leaves from your pool

***This video is a few years old. The discount offered is no longer valid, but you can still contact our Customer Care department to get accurate pricing for the Leaf Master.