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How to Clean your Pool in the Fall

Blog August 14, 2018

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After the summer season ends, many people spend less time cleaning their swimming pools. However, it is just as crucial to maintain your pool during fall and winter. These seasons bring freezing temperatures that can damage your pool’s pipes and plumbing system. Leaves fall in abundance from trees during this cold and windy time of year, and without proper maintenance your pool’s filtration system is prone to excessive clogging. Here are some tips to help you keep your pool in pristine condition during the off months:

Skim for Leaves: Leaves can obstruct your pool’s skimmer baskets, main drain and pipe lines. You may have to skim your pool daily to keep the leaves out. If you allow them to sink to the bottom of the pool, certain leaves can create unsightly stains. One way to avoid this issue is to get a pool cover. This will help with cleaning, but remember to check the cover for any tears or damage.

Prevent Algae: If you are planning to shut down your pool’s circulation system during the fall season, consider adding an algaecide, a chemical treatment used to kill and prevent algae growth. Knowing which algaecide to use is dependent on certain factors. The color of algae in your pool will help you know what treatment to use. Pink and red algae, for instance, is a likely sign of bacterial growth, which requires a specific algaecide product. Look for a long-lasting algaecide product if you plan to turn off your pool’s circulation system for an extended  period of time.

Don’t Freeze: As the winter season approaches, it is essential to make sure your pipes do not freeze. This can lead to costly repairs. Even during the fall season it’s possible for freezing temperatures to occur. Make sure your pool’s main pump is running continuously during freezing temperatures. Keep your pool clean. If your filters become blocked from leaves or other debris your pool pump will not circulate water effectively. Without enough water movement your pipes will freeze. Maintain proper water levels; don’t let them get too low or your skimmers will run dry, again affecting your pump’s ability to properly move water. Drain your backwash line. They have a tendency to retain water, and if they are not drained during cold weather they can freeze and break.

Monitor Chlorine: Maintaining the appropriate amount of chlorine in your pool helps ensure it is clean and in good condition when you decide to use it again. The amount your pool requires depends on its size and volume. Too much chlorine can be dangerous to people and can damage your pool. If you don’t want to manage pool chemicals by yourself, go to Keith Zars Pools, who can handle this procedure for you and ensure expert service. This pool company offers year-round weekly pool cleanings to make sure your pool stays in good shape during the fall season and all year long.

Utilize Chemicals: Use enzyme chemicals to break down the non-living organic contamination. This contamination includes bird feces, pollen, or contaminants left over from earlier seasons. This enzyme will help prevent the water line ring that can occur during colder seasons. It also allows for faster turnaround time when you plan to use your pool again during warmer seasons.

Jump in: Protect the water and use your pool early in the warmer seasons. If you wait too long to use your pool, algae, bacteria and debris can start to grow as a fast rate. You have a better chance of avoiding these issues if you keep your pool clean and swim-ready.

At Keith Zars Pools, we are dedicated to customer care. Some of the services we offer are pool repair, weekly cleanings, renovation, and remodeling. You can clean the pool yourself, or you can hire professionals at Keith Zars Pools. During the colder seasons, you can take advantage of our services and trust the professionals to keep your pool at its best for the warmer seasons when you use it again! Call us at (210) 494-8000 or visit us at