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Build Your Dream Pool

Pool Party Ideas

News May 13, 2016

Who doesn’t love a great party, especially when it’s a POOL PARTY! Here in San Antonio, it simply gets too hot to not enjoy most of your summertime by the pool, so take some of these ideas and host an amazing pool party for your family and friends!

Pineapple palm tree

You�re not supposed to play with your food, but can you make art out of it? We think so! Check out these instructions for how to make a beautiful palm tree made out of pineapple, like the one in the photo above.

Movie night

Host a movie night � in the pool! Break out a projector and screen (if you don�t have a flat white wall to project the movie onto) and get in the pool with family and friends to watch it.

Popsicles & Wine

If you think popsicles are only for kids, think again! This is a unique idea for the adults to cool off with a popsicle (or sorbet) in the hot San Antonio summer sun. Simply place your favorite flavored popsicle in a wine glass and pour wine on top. You could also use creamsicles or sorbet for a different taste.