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Types of Pool Pumps

News April 22, 2016

Here at Keith Zars Pools, we have customers who have two different types of pool pumps: variable speed pool pumps and single speed pool pumps. What kind of pump is your pool equipped with?
Let�s look at some of the differences between the two pool pumps.

Single Speed Pool Pumps

Single speed pumps are exactly what they�re named� They are only able to run on one speed, no matter what cycle your pool is in.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Variable speed pumps, on the other hand, allow you to adjust the speed depending on the pool cycle. For example, if your pool is in its cleaning cycle, the pump needs to use more energy in order to move and circulate water through the system properly. However, during a heating cycle, the pump does not need to use as much energy.
Due to this ability to change speeds, variable speed pumps are known to reduce energy costs by up to 90 percent. That�s a lot of money back in your pocket!

Of course, the up front cost of a variable speed pool pump is slightly higher than that of a single speed pool pump, but because of the savings on energy costs, you will likely make up the difference within one to two years.

o, what type of pump is your pool equipped with? Is it time for an upgrade?

Contact our Customer Care department if you would like to learn more about changing your single speed pool pump to a variable speed pool pump.