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Benefits of Swimming Pool Replastering

Swimming Pool Renovation April 19, 2018

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With new and improved plaster technology in the pool industry, replastering your
swimming pool is important to consider for a renovation project. White plaster,
which has typically been used in the pool-building business, is outdated and can
become damaged and aged quickly due to weather, corrosion and wear and tear
over the years. The new aggregate plaster finishes provide durability and longevity
that not only prevent damages to your pool but can add aesthetic value to it.
Certain companies have nixed the outdated pool finishes and have adopted and
become licensed to install the most innovative plaster materials in the industry.

Pool replaster San Antonio

With new plaster technology offering a variety of options, replastering can give
your pool an updated custom finish that can complement your home. There are
several design options, such as the color and the texture of the cement. Adding or
changing these elements will enhance your pool and give you the opportunity to
upgrade and change the look of your back yard. The best option for variety,
durability, texture and beauty is an aggregate finish. An aggregate is a white or
colored plaster that is mixed with small pieces of different types of river stones,
glass beads, quartz or granite. With these different elements available, you can mix
and match colors and materials to give your pool its desired look. Choosing the
right colors and blend pieces can create the effect of a bright and sparkling pool, a
Caribbean-style pool, a lagoon-like pool and much more. These multiple finishes
are offered through Pebble Tec and LX Glass, both of which are made to be
comfortable and slip-resistant while also being durable and beautiful. Pebble Tec
offers a phone app that allows you to see what the colors and materials will look
like at different depths throughout your pool. This is a convenient tool to help you
decide what finish looks best to you.

Pool replaster San Antonio

While cracks and other damage to a pool are definitely a concern and should be
fixed, the most common reason for pool replastering comes from an aesthetic
viewpoint. People usually choose to replaster their pools in order to revive the
color or look. Plaster can get old, and as time passes the plaster in your pool
becomes dull and stained.

Replastering your swimming pool does more than just change the look of your pool
or fix damages. There are various benefits:

• Strengthening the structure of your swimming pool
• Increasing the life of your swimming pool
• Ensuring that your swimming pool works efficiently
• Changing the look of your back yard
• Increasing the value of your home

It is important to keep in mind that replastering your pool does not have to be a
choice based solely on aesthetics. New plaster for your pool will increase the
strength and the durability of your pool. Once your pool has been replastered,
make sure you follow your pool contractor’s instructions on water chemistry and
overall pool care to keep your pool looking pristine.
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