5 Skincare Tips for Swimmers

In the spring and summer months, people love to go for a swim or relax in the pool. However, your skin doesn’t always feel as nice after you get out of the pool. Though the pools we build drastically cut down on the use of chemicals, you may still want to follow these skincare tips to keep your skin as radiant and smooth as possible, even after lounging in the water for a long time.

1. Take A Shower Before You Get In The Pool
Taking a shower will hydrate the top layer of your skin, therefore preventing it from drying out as much from the chlorine. If you plan on getting your hair wet in the pool, rinse your hair out at the same time and use coconut oil if you have blonde or color treated hair to keep it from turning green.

2. Apply Sunscreen
As always, you need to protect your skin from the sun. Be sure to apply sunscreen over your whole body at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. It will not only protect you from a sunburn, but it will moisturize your skin and keep the sun from drying it out. If you’re exposed to the sun for a long period of time, don’t forget to re-apply your sunscreen when necessary!

3. Drink Plenty of Water
Stay hydrated! Drink water before, during, and after getting in the pool. This is especially necessary if you’re exercising. You may feel cooler when you’re exercising in the water, but your body is still releasing sweat, and therefor dehydrating your skin. If you get dehydrated, your skin will start to dry out.

4. Take a Shower After Swimming
You will want to rinse off as many chemicals as possible after you’ve been in the pool. The longer they are on your skin, the higher chance they have of drying it out.

5. Use Aloe Vera
Use a body wash and/or lotion that contains aloe vera, as it is a great moisturizer to use after sun exposure.