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August is POOL & SPA Main Drain Safety Month

Uncategorized August 5, 2020

Every pool season it is important to make sure your pool is safe and working properly, so you can enjoy your time poolside confident that due diligence has been done to maintain your investment.

When summer hits full stride in August, the pool industry turns to Main Drain Safety Awareness and is dedicated to bringing attention to the safety of your main drain and all main drain covers.

Monitoring and checking your main drains should take place throughout the year as well, to ensure that no issues are present that might endanger anyone swimming in your pool. This proactive approach will provide great assurance that your pool and spa remain in excellent working order. Once you know what to look for, checking a drain cover for safety doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are three measures you can take that will make it simple to keep your main drain and main drain covers in great condition.

The following should be checked on all pool & spa main drain covers & rings:

1. Make sure there are NO missing screws on Main Drain Covers. 

2. Make sure all Main Drain Covers are installed directly over the Main Drain Sump.

3. Repair any CRACKED Main Drain Covers! 

“The ‘Check A Drain’ initiative reminds both homeowners as well as professionals, to make sure pool, spa and hot tub drain covers are replaced per the manufacturer’s time requirement stamped on the cover in accordance with Federal mandates in the Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) Pool & Spa Safety Act,” says CMP, a leader in products for the pool and spa industry, and a strong supporter of this initiative.

Pool & Hot Tub Alliance, the world’s oldest and largest association representing the swimming poolspa, and hot tub industry, also encourages “homeowners to reach out to their pool, spa and hot tub professional to ensure that all installed drain covers manufactured comply with the ANSI/APSP-16 Standard for Suction Fittings for Use in Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs.”

Having a pool is a terrific way to enjoy the functionality and entertainment value of your outdoor space. Join us this month and check your main drain and main drain covers. If you need any repair work please contact our SERVICE department at 210.547.1000

We will be happy to schedule an appointment to evaluate your pool and equipment needs.

For more information on Main Drain Safety, please visit the following links:  your-pool-or-spa-free-from-entrapment-risk