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In-Floor Cleaner or Polaris: What is the Right Choice for Your Pool?

Uncategorized March 15, 2019

In-Floor Cleaner or Polaris: What is the Right Choice for Your Pool?

At Keith Zars Pools, our swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes and can include a variety of features that, in conjunction with the terrain surrounding your pool, will be essential in determining the most effective product for your pool’s cleaning system.

One of the most important goals with any Keith Zars pool is to ensure our customers have the most operative filtration system to help save them time, money and energy on pool maintenance while having a pristine pool year-round. In order to achieve this outcome, it is paramount that you choose the best cleaning system for your pool.

Keith Zars Pools offers the Polaris cleaning system as well as an in-floor cleaner system made by A&A Manufacturing. Both the Polaris and the in-floor cleaners offer the best of both worlds to our clients. In some cases, a Polaris is the best way to go, while in other instances the in-floor cleaner is the best option. And some pool designs will benefit tremendously from a combination of the two systems. So, what factors should be considered?

Pool Size

In-floor cleaners are the best option for smaller pools because there simply isn’t enough room for a Polaris. A Polaris needs adequate space to roam in order to effectively clean your pool, making martini pools and in-floor cleaners the perfect match.

Pool Features & Landscape

Pools that include certain features, such as margarita tables and bar stools, will benefit greatly from in-floor cleaners because a Polaris typically cannot get into those smaller spaces and crevices. And if they do, the Polaris can become easily tangled. In-floor cleaner inlets can be placed near those tight areas around bar stools and tables to produce optimal cleaning and filtration without the risk of tangling your equipment.

Because in-floor cleaners are best suited to remove silt, sand and dirt that tend to settle at the bottom of a pool, elevated pools are another great candidate for this type of cleaning system. When pools are raised, they won’t be surrounded by hovering trees, and, therefore, will not incur large amounts of surface debris due to falling leaves. If your pool is built on a landscape with little to no trees, in-floor cleaners are a prime option.

If your property has a lot of trees, a Polaris, which is designed, in part, to specifically remove surface-level debris, will be your best bet.


Another factor to consider is aesthetics. Some pool owners prefer in-floor cleaners because of their subtle, almost undetectable presence, whereas a Polaris is a large piece of equipment with a long tail that floats around the surface of your pool and is easily spotted. In-floor cleaners avoid the visual distraction of a Polaris.

A Healthy Combination

Some pool designs are best suited for both types of cleaning systems. For example, if you have a pool of essentially any size that includes a feature such as bar stools, you will want the in-floor cleaners to help keep your bar stool area pristine along with a Polaris that can handle the entire scope of your pool and can be tethered to prevent tangled equipment. With this combination, your pool is guaranteed to be crystal clear from top to bottom.

The Keith Zars Difference

Keith Zars Pools does direct plumbing on all our pools, and that’s the only way to effectively install in-floor cleaners. Other pool companies, who typically plumb around their pools, still have to incorporate direct plumbing to effectively install in-floor cleaners.

In addition to our company’s straight-line plumbing, we have chosen the best pool cleaning products in the market, which are meant to minimize maintenance and maximize efficiency and cost-savings. We provide in-floor cleaners from A&A Manufacturing; a company that offers in-floor circulation and cleaning systems that help your pool stay pristine and virtually maintenance free.

The system works so that jets are strategically placed inside your pool to circulate water and push debris to your skimmers and main drain. The benefits of this system include cleaning and circulating your pool and spa water, sweeping your pool’s walls, steps and benches. The system is also energy efficient and disburses fewer chemicals into your pool.

This product ties in beautifully with Keith Zars Pools’ patented filtration system that conserves energy and requires less chemical usage and maintenance for each individual homeowner.

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