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Keith Zars Pools Awarded World’s Greatest Pools

Uncategorized March 27, 2020

Keith Zars Pools is once again honored to have two pool designs awarded World’s Greatest Pools 2019 by Pebble Technology International, also referred to as PTI or simply, Pebble Tec. We are deeply honored to receive this recognition and value the integrity of this great company and its superior products that help contribute to making our pools one of a kind.

Every year, Pebble Technology International searches the world for pools that exude excellence in design and captivate in appearance. All the winning projects implement one of the many beautiful pool finishes offered by PTI and showcase the finest in pool quality and pool design. Choosing the right finish can enhance and illuminate the water’s depth and color, while enriching the materials for coping, decking, water features, and spas. Elevating the pool finish can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

Pebble Technology International has been the industry leader, transforming the pool and remodeling industry with stunning, innovative pool-finishing techniques. Their vast array of colors and textures allow you to harmoniously marry your pool design with your outdoor space. Whether you want the water to reflect the vivid hues of the Caribbean or the rich, deep blues of a mountain lake, Pebble Tec makes it all possible to create your dream outdoor space.

With over 25 years of experience, the first in this industry to claim quarries and locate the best places for excavation, and dedicated expert teams with wide-ranging technical knowledge; Pebble Tec stands alone in the pool industry for finishes.

Today, Pebble Technology International imports natural pebbles, glass beads, and seashells from around the world to create four beautiful and distinctively different product lines found in PebbleTec®, PebbleSheen®, PebbleFina®, and PebbleBrilliance®, branded pool finishes.

“Our mission to create beautiful environments backed by a high level of experience, quality, technology and support—which sets us apart from pool liners and pool plastering. From initial design and development to ongoing care and maintenance, excellence is what we strive for in exceeding our clients’ expectations. We offer the best finish. Period.” -Pebble Technology International

Keith Zars Pools is privileged to be the only licensed installer of Pebble Tec in San Antonio, guaranteeing the finish for 10 years. You can visit our on-site Design Center to see and touch a wonderful selection of color and aggregate options, as well as, view several pools in our Outdoor Living Area with Pebble Tec finishes in different colors and aggregates.

“Pebble Technology International® (PTI) has been a driving force in the transformation of the pool building and remodeling industry as the manufacturer of The World’s Most Trusted Pool Finishes™.”

Partnering with such an amazing company builds trust, value, and gives you, our customer, a beautiful pool to enjoy for many years, creating lasting memories.

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