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Keith Zars Pools Returns to Pool Kings on the DIY Network

Uncategorized May 31, 2019

Keith Zars Pools is returning to the DIY network for season three of Pool Kings! The nationally syndicated reality show takes families on a journey through all the phases of building a residential swimming pool and enhancing the outdoor experience. The program is both educational and inspiring to families nationwide who are considering building a pool, as well as to anyone considering renovating an existing pool.

Each Pool Kings episode, featuring Keith Zars Pools, will showcase a residential pool construction project from start to finish – the design process, all the construction phases and the final pool project reveal – displaying all the steps and methods that go into creating a customized pool and backyard oasis for every individual family. In our episodes, Keith Zars Pools will demonstrate how to create the ultimate outdoor experience for families in San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding area.

This season Keith Zars Pools has three Pool Kings co-hosting the show. Paul Zars and Tony Aguasvivas return to the spotlight, and we welcome Charles Zars as our newest Pool King. Charles brings a new dynamic to the show with his construction expertise.

Elizabeth Kilgore, Keith Zars Pools’ design and selects expert, is also returning this season, featured more prominently throughout the episodes as a designer who helps families choose their plaster, coping, decking and tile. Elizabeth is also responsible for coming up with the style of decor for each Reveal Day, as well as showcasing each pool with a full arrangement of furniture and accessories.

This talented and dynamic group from Keith Zars Pools is coming together on Pool Kings this season to provide families across the United States with important information and in-depth insights into the pool construction process and help inspire exciting ideas to help bring people’s visions and dreams to fruition.

The season is scheduled to premiere the first week of June with Keith Zars Pools featured on nine out of 13 episodes. The episodes will air Monday evenings at 9P/8c.  

Keith Zars Pools was selected to reappear on Pool Kings because of the company’s exceptional and expansive in-house operation. The previous season that featured KZP on five episodes was a huge success across the board, and, as a result, our company will be featured on nine episodes this season.

“Keith Zars Pools is a beast, and we can handle it,” said Paul Zars. “My producers that have worked with other pool companies said our company’s operation and scheduling is top notch and there’s not a close second.”

We pride ourselves on our ability to design and build luxurious backyard paradises that are as unique as each and every family. With more than 9,500 custom pool builds since 1985, Keith Zars Pools has set an unsurpassable standard in the industry of quality craftsmanship, customer service and innovativeness.

Paul said this season of Pool Kings will be similar to the first one in the sense that the episodes will feature different families and detail the process of each pool build. But with twice as many featured episodes this time around, there will be a new emphasis on the families.

“This season the focus is all about the families,” Elizabeth said. “We have a military vet with a life story that will warm your heart, some of the cutest kids that will surely put a smile on your face, and hilarious husband/wife duos.”

Tony said this season will also highlight more modern, straight-line pools and, of course, fantastic free-form pools.

“I think each season is different, so you’ll see something that you didn’t see on the last season,” Tony said. “The straight-line, very modern pools have been making a big comeback this season. You’re going to see a lot more clean and modern looking pools. Also, some HUGE curved freeform pools.”

Elizabeth is excited about the variety of swimming pool features and materials that will be showcased this season. Viewers will certainly be impressed by the magnitude and detail of this season’s highlighted pools.

“I personally have an appreciation for hardscapes, so I think the materials used on the pools are fascinating,” Elizabeth said.  “One pool build has an awesome boulder bridge over a ‘stream’ that runs into the pool. Another has a beautiful Snow-White Marble for their coping. One family is so fond of a certain resort that we replicated that look in their back yard. To me, the most interesting aspect of any pool build is how we are able to make the finished product reflect the desires, taste and style of the family.”

For Paul, one of the most interesting aspects of the show for viewers is showcasing how each pool is different and unique in its own way.

“No pool, yard or family is the same,” Paul said. “And just like last season we are working with great families this year that are truly great human-interest stories.”

The filming process this season is a story in itself. Paul, Charles, Tony and Elizabeth create a new dynamic on and off set, and the interactions between the KZP team, the production crew and the families have been a fun and exciting experience.

Charles said the filming process has been fun and educational and that he loves getting to participate in the process. He especially enjoys “gunite day” and working alongside his cousin Paul.

“Getting to know the families has been great,” Charles said. “I feel like the families become my new friends after spending a lot of time filming with each other.”

Charles has also enjoyed working with the production crew.

“The film crew is awesome,” Charles said. “They are very accessible, helpful and positive. They really make you feel comfortable. And it’s exciting and fun to share my love and enthusiasm for pools with others.”

Elizabeth said having Charles as a new Pool King adds a new energy and perspective to the television show this season.

“Charles brings his expertise from the construction side and offers a distinct perspective to the building process,” Elizabeth said. “He also brings a fresh new level of energy and excitement to the set.”

Elizabeth recalls her first time in front of the camera crew as intimidating and nerve wracking.

“I was physically shaking the entire first episode I filmed! Now, I’m just having fun,” Elizabeth said. “I’ve gotten to know the crew and production team, so we all feel like a family. I never thought it would feel normal to have a microphone taped to me and a camera pointing at me, but now it’s just another part of my day.”

Elizabeth is also thankful for the families and the crew.

“The families have been so accommodating and welcoming as hosts,” Elizabeth said.  “I imagine it gets overwhelming to have so many people working in your back yard, but these families roll with the punches and take it in stride.”

She has learned a lot about the filming process since last season, and it has made working with the production crew more seamless this go-around.

“We have been fortunate to have the same film crew from last year, so we know how to work with each other,” Elizabeth said. “For instance, if I hear a plane fly overhead, I go ahead and stop what I’m saying because I know I’ll have to repeat it again for sound.”

Tony has enjoyed the filming experience because it adds a new element to his work routine and allows him to get to know his fellow coworkers and clients in a new way and in an environment unlike anything else.

“It’s a really great experience working alongside some of your closest friends on a show like this,” Tony said. “We get to work with these amazing families and crews to showcase some beautiful pools. You also really have a good feel of what real actors go through on a daily basis. It has been so exciting.”

With the season premier quickly approaching, stay tuned to our website at as well as our social media outlets for more updates and information as the fun continues to unfold.