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The Lifestyle Protection Plan by Keith Zars Pools: The Ultimate Pledge in the Swimming Pool Industry

Uncategorized February 12, 2019

The main purpose of warranties is to guarantee buyers that their purchase is backed by a quality product as well as a promise to deliver on certain services after the purchase has been made. In the swimming pool industry in the United States, every pool builder offers some type of standard warranty. And these varying standard warranties range in terms of coverage on products, materials, labor and other services. If you are in the market for a swimming pool, it is crucial that you choose a pool builder that offers the most comprehensive warranty on the market.

Aside from the purchase of your home, buying a swimming pool is likely going to be the second largest financial investment you make in your lifetime. Because of this, you want to choose the best quality pool builder in the industry that offers a warranty designed to put your mind at ease, so you can enjoy your outdoor space and not incur unforeseen costs years after your initial purchase.

Like all other pool builders, Keith Zars Pools offers our customers a standard warranty. But beyond that, we offer the Lifestyle Protection Plan (LSPP), a unique warranty exclusive to our company and our customers. Unlike other builders, whose standard warranties are designed to protect the manufacturer and not the pool owner, the LSPP is the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. As its name suggests, it is intended to remove all the stress and anxiety out of owning and maintaining a pool.

Keith Zars Pools’ LSPP guarantees your pool is consistently in top operating shape by offering routine preventive maintenance that will keep your pool in optimal condition and prevent future costly repairs. Through this warranty, every component of your pool is covered to ensure your pool will last a lifetime. With the LSPP we come out three times a year to inspect and clean all the pool equipment, warranty all wear and tear items and cover all costs for labor and materials.

Another benefit of our Lifestyle Protection Plan is that it is transferable. If for any reason you decide to move to another home, the next home owner can rest assured that their pool is in fantastic condition and can continue to enjoy the advantages of the services covered by our company.

Keith Zars Pools is the top servicer in the industry nationwide. Because of our in-house operation, our customers do not have to deal with third party manufacture warranties. There is no outsourcing on the customer’s part if something needs to be done. One simple phone call to Keith Zars Pools and the job gets done.

Other pool builders outsource their products, services and contractors. In those cases, if something goes wrong with your swimming pool, you will find yourself unable to receive help by your pool builder and will be in the unfortunate situation of having to call multiple parties. This can leave you wasting more of your time, money and energy to maintain your outdoor space.

At Keith Zars Pools we do everything in-house. As a result, we operate more smoothly and consistently, delivering the best quality builds and customer service. Tie that in with our Lifestyle Protection Plan, and you will have peace of mind that you won’t find with any other builder. For questions about our warranty or to schedule an appointment with one of our design consultants, visit our website at or call our design center at 210.494.0800.