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Keith Zars Pools provides a standard pool industry warranty that guarantees the pool shell for the lifetime of the pool, but our warranty also covers the tile and coping for the first year as well. In addition, we provide a three-year equipment warranty on all pumps, filters and heaters.

We also offer the Keith Zars Life Style Protection Plan, the most comprehensive parts and service warranty in the industry.

The Keith Zars Life Style Protection Plan

Our Life Style Protection Plan (LSPP) is a pool lifestyle warranty that is unique in the industry. This Plan ensures that your pool is consistently in top operating shape. Most importantly, it prevents small problems from turning into bigger ones. Under the LSPP, we service your pool three times a year to make sure everything is operating to your complete satisfaction. Each service visit includes a thorough check of all pool components, including pumps, chemicals, cleaning filters and skimmer baskets. The LSPP covers every component of your pool, from the tile and coping, to wear rings and Polaris bags. This level of maintenance means you can rest assured that your pool will last a lifetime.